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Special Election Information

Lauren with her husband Russell and their dog Odie.

Meet Lauren Arthur

Special Election on June 5 | Senate District 17


A former Kansas City middle school teacher who is in her second term representing the Northland in the state legislature, Lauren Arthur is an advocate for early literacy programs, domestic violence prevention efforts, and real reforms to Missouri’s tax system to benefit middle-class families.

In the State Senate, Arthur will continue to fight for our communities: improving public schools, funding critical infrastructure projects that will keep us safe and create jobs, and growing the economy by supporting workers who deserve fair wages and good benefits.

On the Issues


Fighting for Working People

Lauren puts workers ahead of corporate interests.

Right now, in Jefferson City, corporate lobbyists are pushing a law that would prevent people from seeking justice when they face verbal abuse or sexual harrassment in the workplace.

Lauren is leading the fight against that law, because no one should feel intimidated at work.

An Independent Voice

As a lifelong Northlander and a former teacher, Lauren has seen firsthand how politics as usual can hurt our community, particularly our schools and small businesses.

Jefferson City’s partisan bickering doesn’t help anyone in Clay County.

That’s why Lauren will always be an independent voice putting what’s best for the Northland first.

Cleaning Up Jefferson City

Jefferson City is full of politicians who are for sale, taking thousands of dollars in free meals and sports tickets from special interest lobbyists.

These lobbyists then use their access to push through giant corporate tax cuts that hurt our public schools.

Lauren won’t take lobbyists’ money, and she will support stronger laws to limit the influence of special interests on the capitol.

Pledge to vote for Lauren Arthur

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Her Opponent: Kevin Corlew

A Total Ethics Nightmare

Kevin Corlew is part of the ethics problem in Jefferson City – taking thousands of dollars in free meals and sports tickets from lobbyists, who use their access to influence legislation.

Corlew took thousands from St. Louis billionaire Rex Sinquefield, who tried to push through giant corporate tax cuts that would have forced Missouri to cut funding for schools.

Stacking the Deck for Corporations

For four years, Corlew has been the lead sponsor for a bill that makes it harder for workers to speak up when they are threatened or mistreated.

Corlew would stack the playing field even further towards big corporations, preventing workers from seeking justice when they face verbal abuse or sexual harassment in the workplace, protecting bullies and harassers like Eric Greitens.

Not a Friend of Working People

Corlew has consistently put his billionaire donor’s agenda first, voting to cut unemployment benefits, reduce the minimum wage, and make it harder for workers to organize.

This, all while trying to mislead working families by telling him he supports them.

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