November 7, 2017/Press Release

VIDEO: ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: Josh Hawley Elected Attorney General on a Promise Not to Climb the Political Ladder

COLUMBIA, Mo. – One year ago today, Josh Hawley was elected Attorney General on a promise not to be another ladder-climbing politician — yet Hawley didn’t even wait a year to break that promise and announce a run for U.S. Senate.

The Missouri Democratic Party reminded Hawley of his broken promise today by driving around the Attorney General’s office in Jefferson City playing Hawley’s “Ladders” ad from last cycle…

…and delivering balloons to congratulate Hawley for realizing so quickly that he’d rather climb the political ladder than keep his promise to Missourians.

“One year ago today, Josh Hawley was elected Attorney General because the people of Missouri took him at his word that he would not be another ladder-climbing politician. It’s clear Josh Hawley is the worst type of politician, one that puts his own personal ambition ahead of the people who elected him.”

Missouri Democratic Party Communications Director Meira Bernstein