November 30, 2017/Press Release

Trump Supporter to Josh Hawley: You Need to Do the Job We Elected You to Do

COLUMBIA, Mo. — This morning, a Trump supporter who voted for Hawley last year told conservative radio host Jamie Allman that he, his friends, and his family are “pretty pissed off” that Hawley is “bailing out” of his current job to run for Senate.

From Allman in the Morning:

CALLER: …So, you know, I’m a big Trump supporter, I not only supported, I donated, all that.

CALLER: Anyways, my stance is Austin Petersen is a rockstar. I think he’ll destroy McCaskill. I think Josh Hawley needs to stay in the position that we elected him to do, you know? We elected him to — and I was a supporter of his, I didn’t know a whole lot about him then but I do now — and I think he’s really suited for the job he’s in. I really don’t like that halfway through, he’s bailing out, you know, or attempting to, and I do think he would be a good Senator, but he went for something, we gave it to him, now you need to be there and you need to do the job we elected you to do.

CALLER: And I’m sure he’s not listening but if he is, I’m just a regular Joe so it probably doesn’t mean anything, but if he is listening, I am a Trump supporter, and I have a whole lot of Trump supporter friends and family, and all of them are in the same boat as me. They’re all pretty pissed off about him taking a position, us electing him into it, and then he announces — I was so furious when I first heard him announce.

ALLMAN: I gotcha Brandon, you’re not a regular Joe buddy, you are Brandon. So, thanks for calling the show man.