July 5, 2018/Press Release

#TBT: Republican Mega-Donor Writes $1 Million Check to Josh Hawley

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Two years ago today, Republican mega-donor David Humphreys gave $1 million dollars to Josh Hawley’s bid for Attorney General. In total, Humphreys and his family gave Hawley nearly 75% of his individual donations for Attorney General.

Less than a year after Hawley became Attorney General, Humphreys came under scrutiny for giving $100,000 to the Missouri State Senate President within days of him filing legislation that could benefit Humphreys. The alleged pay-to-play scandal was criticized by Republican and Democratic lawmakers alike, yet Hawley refused bipartisan calls to investigate. While Hawley was elected on a promise to clean up corruption in Jefferson City and has touted his jurisdiction over consumer protection laws in multiple other cases, he claimed not to have jurisdiction over the pay-to-play allegations against Humphreys.

Humphreys also contributed $1 million to Hawley in December 2016 immediately before new campaign finance limits took effect to prohibit such contributions.

“Josh Hawley was elected as Attorney General because one donor and his family flooded Hawley’s campaign account with millions of dollars, so it’s no surprise that he has refused to hold that donor accountable to the law since taking office. During his short time in office, Hawley has shown that he will always put loyalty to his political allies and donors ahead of his responsibility to the Missourians who elected him.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren