June 7, 2018/Press Release

#TBT: Lawsuit Finds 20 in Greitens’ Office Used Confide — More Than Twice the Number Uncovered by Hawley

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Last week, an ongoing lawsuit into former Governor Eric Greitens’ use of text message-deleting app Confide found that twenty members of Greitens’ office used the app. As KMBC reported, this number is much higher than the eight users identified by Attorney General Josh Hawley, who cleared Greitens of wrongdoing in March following a sham investigation.

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Hawley’s inquiry was widely panned as “half-hearted” and “a disservice to all Missourians.” Six experienced Missouri attorneys, including a former state Supreme Court judge, noted in an open letter that “Hawley’s ignorance of his own legal authority is inexcusable,” given that statute 610.027 of Missouri law empowers the Attorney General to enforce Sunshine Law. 

Enforcing Sunshine Law would have lead Hawley to the truth about how many of Greitens’ staffers used Confide. Instead, Hawley did not attempt to retrieve any of Greitens or his staff’s Confide messages, relied only on staff testimony, and did not attempt to interview Greitens or challenge Greitens’ assertion of executive privilege.