November 9, 2017/Press Release

STL Post-Dispatch Editorial: ‘Frequent World Traveler’ Greitens Absent, Dodging Questions About PDMP Executive Order

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Months after Eric Greitens rolled out a secretive executive order after his failure to lead on the opioid epidemic during the legislative session, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board is knocking the Governor’s so-called “Prescription Drug Monitoring Program” this week because it still hasn’t amounted to anything public except a photo-op.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board writes:

“Is Missouri operating a new stealth prescription drug monitoring program, or has Gov. Eric Greitens simply failed to get his promised program up and running? After saying in July that the program could be operational within weeks, the state Department of Health and Senior Services and the state Office of Administration wouldn’t say Tuesday whether it is.”

The editorial continued to call Greitens a “frequent world traveler” in criticizing him for ignoring serious questions about his secretive executive order, while also being consistently absent:

“Without knowing whether a plan is in place, it’s impossible to evaluate whether it is beneficial or the dud that critics predicted it would be…. Greitens recently criticized Missouri’s two U.S. senators who offended him by calling for an investigation of neglect at the St. Louis Veterans Home. His letter to them said: ‘A lot of us back home have been wondering what you’ve been up to.’ Back home where? China? Europe? Iowa?… A comprehensive statewide monitoring program would save lives in Missouri. But to focus on this problem, the governor actually needs to be here.”

“When Eric Greitens announced his secretive executive order in July we said it’s clearly too early to be called a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Nearly four months later, the only thing that’s changed is that the Governor has been even more absent and unfocused.”

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber