January 9, 2018/Press Release

ONE YEAR LATER: Josh Hawley’s First Year As Attorney General Marked By Broken Promises

COLUMBIA, Mo. — One year ago today, Josh Hawley was sworn in as Attorney General on a promise not to be another ladder-climbing politician. Since being sworn in, however, Hawley has broken this central promise to Missourians — choosing to run for Senate instead of focusing on the job that the people of Missouri elected him to do.

That’s not the only promise Hawley has broken. Here’s a look at what Hawley has (and has not) accomplished during his first year in office:

  • Hawley broke his signature campaign pledge to create a public corruption unit until he was caught — and has still failed to take meaningful action against corruption in Jefferson City
  • He asked for a $1 million dollar budget increase in the midst of a budget crisis and doled out massive raises to his top staff while vital services for Missourians were cut
  • He failed to show up or even send staff to a key hearing, leading lawmakers to initially strip $6.8 million from the AGO’s consumer protection budget
  • He turned a blind eye to a pay-to-play scandal involving one of his biggest campaign donors
  • He allegedly illegally used funds from his state campaign account to promote his Senate run, resulting in an ethics complaint
  • He was caught shopping for wine a half hour drive from his office — in the middle of a work day
  • He was sued for violating Missouri law, which requires him to live in Jefferson City — and is now using taxpayer money to defend himself
  • And he appealed a decision to pay 3,000 blind Missourians $26.3 million in back payments they are owed

Hawley did all of this while failing to hold a single public campaign event for the office he’s now seeking — yet still found time to jet across the country to meet behind closed-doors with billionaires and corporate special interests.

“Since being sworn in as Attorney General one year ago today, Josh Hawley has had every opportunity to live up to the commitments he made when he was elected. Instead, Hawley has shown that he is the worst kind of politician — one who puts his own personal political ambitions ahead of the people of Missouri.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren