August 31, 2018/Press Release

ONE YEAR AGO: Josh Hawley Defends Biggest Donor Against Pay-to-Play Allegations, Refuses Bipartisan Calls to Investigate

COLUMBIA, Mo. — One year ago today, Josh Hawley doubled down on his refusal to investigate pay-to-play allegations against his biggest donor, David Humphreys, telling the Kansas City Star that he didn’t “see any evidence of corruption” in the case. Hawley’s defense of Humphreys came after Humphreys and his family provided nearly 75 percent of the individual donations to Hawley’s Attorney General campaign.

Once Hawley took office, Humphreys became embroiled in a pay-to-play controversy that has been criticized by Republican and Democratic lawmakers alike. Despite campaigning for Attorney General specifically on a promise to end the “pay-to-play culture” in Jefferson City, Hawley repeatedly refused bipartisan calls to investigate the allegations against Humphreys.

“Given that one donor and his family spent millions to elect Josh Hawley as Attorney General, it’s no surprise that Hawley has refused to hold that donor accountable to the law since taking office. Hawley’s refusal to put his responsibility to seek answers for Missourians no matter what above his loyalty to big donors and political allies is why corruption in Jefferson City has never been worse.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren