October 8, 2018/Press Release

ONE YEAR AGO: GOP Megadonors Clear the Field for Hawley

COLUMBIA, Mo. — A year ago today, Politico reported that Republican megadonors David Humphreys and Sam Fox had “effectively cleared the Republican field for [Josh Hawley’s] expected campaign.” As Politico noted at the time, Hawley was eagerly “lining up wealthy patrons before even announcing [he’s] running.”

From the start, Hawley’s political career has been driven by dark money, special interests and wealthy donors. During his race for Attorney General, Humphreys and his family gave nearly 75 percent — nearly $4.5 million — of the individual contributions to Hawley’s campaign. No wonder Hawley turned a blind eye to pay-to-play allegations against Humphreys once he took office.

Meanwhile, before even announcing his Senate campaign to Missourians, Hawley made time for several closed door meetings in D.C. with national Republicans and dark money special interest groups. Since then, these outside groups have spent over $25 million to prop up Hawley’s campaign.

“Josh Hawley is beholden to the elite millionaire donors and special interest groups that are helping him climb the political ladder, and his priorities reflect that. On everything from trying to strip protections for Missourians with pre-existing conditions to opposing the right of workers to collectively bargain to opposing a minimum wage increase, Hawley has stood with his wealthy and powerful backers and against the interests of Missouri families.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren