February 9, 2018/Press Release

Next Stop for Greitens: Sin City

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Frequent out-of-state traveler and Governor Eric Greitens, who is under grand jury investigation for allegations of blackmail related to an extramarital affair, is scheduled to speak in Las Vegas this weekend.

The self-described “terrific weekend of politics, policy, and poker at the fabulous Venetian/Palazzo Resort and Hotel” in Las Vegas hosted by the RJC will also feature anti-worker Governor Scott Walker, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and Roy Moore supporter RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel.

“If you thought multiple investigations for an alleged blackmail scandal and potentially violating state public records law would slow down Eric Greitens’ frequent travels, you’re underestimating just how much he cares about the out-of-state billionaires and millionaires who fund his campaign and dark money group.”

Missouri Democratic Party spokesperson Sam Newton

Eric Greitens spent much of his first year in the Governor’s mansion traveling for out-of-state political events and donor meetings to places including: New York, Michigan, Colorado, Florida, Tennessee, Nevada, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, Nebraska, Iowa, and DC at least 5 times.