April 16, 2018/Press Release

New Web Ad Holds Josh Hawley Accountable for Enabling Corruption in Jefferson City

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Today, the Missouri Democratic Party launched a new web ad, “16 Months” to hold Josh Hawley accountable for enabling corruption in Jefferson City as Attorney General.


“16 Months” reminds Missourians that despite running for Attorney General on a promise to clean up corruption in Jefferson City, Hawley quickly became the capitol’s biggest enabler of corruption once in office. From waiting almost a year to investigate Governor Greitens’ admitted wrongdoing with his charity, to conducting a sham investigation into the Governor’s secret destruction of government records, to refusing to return $50,000 in contributions he received from Greitens, Hawley has been part of the problem.

“Just 16 months into Josh Hawley’s tenure as Attorney General, corruption in Jefferson City has never seemed worse. Hawley has proven that his top priority will always be looking out for his donors and political allies — not his obligation to uphold the law and root out corruption.”

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber