June 11, 2018/Press Release

Missouri Democrats call for “three simple, nonpartisan” actions from Gov. Parson

The Missouri Democratic Party today challenged Governor Mike Parson to commit to three simple, nonpartisan, actions to begin the process of unifying the State when he speaks to a joint session of the General Assembly:

1. Commit to completing the investigation into the dark money group “A New Missouri’ so Missouri Citizens can see which secret donors have been buying Missouri Government

2. Commit to avoiding shady back room deals and give Missouri voters a chance to vote for their Lieutenant Governor.

3.  Recognize he’s Governor for all Missourians and apologize to the LGBTQ community for his divisive comments in Word and Way.

“If Governor Parson doesn’t help Missourians see who’s been secretly buying state government, commit to avoiding shady back room deals that cut voters out and state unequivocally that LGBTQ Missourians are not going to hell, then he doesn’t clear the lowest of bars to begin unifying the State after the damage done by Republican Eric Greitens. These are simple, nonpartisan actions, that are the bare minimum to expect from a leader.”

Chair of the Missouri Democratic Party Stephen Webber