April 9, 2019/Press Release

Missouri Democrats call on the Missouri House of Representatives to investigate what the Parson Administration knew about the over-withholding of income taxes.

Kansas City, Mo. (April 9, 2019) – This week the Kansas City Star reported that Republican House Speaker Elijah Haahr has committed to continuing a House investigation of the Parson Administration’s handling of income tax withholdings. This follows a state audit conducted by Auditor Nicole Galloway that uncovered that the Department of Revenue secretly adjusted income tax withholdings in January to over-withhold taxes without going through the administrative rule making process.


Missouri Democratic Party Executive Director Lauren Gepford released the following statement:


“The House Speaker’s commitment to continuing the work of the special committee on oversight should signal that this issue isn’t going away.  The General Assembly must get to the bottom of what Governor Parson knew and when he knew it. Did Governor Parson authorize the over-withholding of taxes from workers’ paychecks in order to address a revenue shortfall? Or did the Department act independently and was this why Director Walters was let go? Missouri taxpayers deserve an answer.”