October 10, 2018/Press Release

Missouri Democratic Party Recognizes Josh Hawley for A Year of Active Ladder Climbing

Hawley is attempting to be the shortest serving AG of Missouri in nearly 100 years

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Today, the Missouri Democratic Party presented Josh Hawley with a certificate to recognize the one year anniversary of his official decision to climb the political ladder, breaking his promise and leaving Missourians behind. If Hawley gets his way, he would be the shortest serving Attorney General of Missouri in nearly 100 years.

“Josh Hawley has made it perfectly clear that he couldn’t care less about the people of Missouri — the only thing he’s concerned with is his own self-serving quest up the political ladder. On the issues that matter, Hawley has repeatedly lied to Missourians while putting himself and his wealthy benefactors first. The question is, what promise will he break next?”
Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren