November 9, 2017/Press Release

Memo to Mike Parson Re: “Buy MO” Advertising Campaign

TO: Lt. Governor Mike Parson
FROM: Missouri Democratic Party
DATE: Thursday, November 9, 2017
Re: Reaching Eric Greitens So He Stops Favoring Out-Of-State Businesses

With the report from KMOV this week exposing how the Greitens Administration is shutting out three Missouri businesses “on a $30 million project to repair the state capitol, while allowing four out of state firms to compete for the job,” it’s clear that your “Buy MO!” advertising campaign to promote Missouri products and businesses is not reaching the Governor’s mansion.

Since this still-unexplained move to favor out-of-state businesses from the Greitens administration hurts a reported 100 Missouri workers — potentially to favor his dark money donors —  the following are four suggestions for improving your advertising campaign to finally start reaching Eric Greitens:

Buy an Ad in the Washington Post: Buying an advertisement in the hometown newspaper where Eric Greitens spends much of his time may increase the chances of reaching him. He’s been to Washington, DC at least five times since taking office, so we recommend purchasing some advertising space in the Washington Post — preferably the travel section.

Purchase a Page in Men’s Health: Whether it’s rappelling or rock-climbing, we all know Eric Greitens values physical fitness. Purchasing a full page in the next issue of Men’s Health might catch the Governor’s attention.

Pitch a Story to Jason Noble at the Des Moines Register: Former Kansas City Star reporter Jason Noble who works at the Des Moines Register might still be interested in writing a story about the state he used to cover — and there’s no doubt Eric Greitens already has his eyes on Iowa.

Face-to-Face Meeting: Simply inviting Greitens to a meeting at your office to discuss this issue face-to-face is also an option. We know he’s used to hanging out with billionaires, so we are sure he’ll feel right at home with your taxpayer-funded $50,000 renovations. However, this may prove to be tricky given the Governor’s strong focus on traveling out-of-state to meet with millionaire political donors in places like Miami, Colorado Springs, Aspen, and Michigan, among others.