November 7, 2017/Press Release

KMOV Report: Greitens Administration Blocking Missouri Businesses in Bidding Process to Favor Out-Of-State Contractors

COLUMBIA, Mo. – A new report from KMOV is revealing how the Greitens Administration is blocking three Missouri businesses from bidding on “a $30 million project to repair the state capitol, while allowing four out of state firms to compete for the job.”

One of the businesses, which has previously done work for Missouri, says “the state still hasn’t given him a detailed reason as to why his company was rejected,” according to the KMOV report.

Following the report, the Missouri Democratic Party is calling on Governor Eric Greitens to show proof that none of the out-of-state firms have donated to his dark money group, “A New Missouri.”

“If you look at his shady ethical issues and focus on wealthy political donors outside of Missouri, would it really be surprising if Eric Greitens is favoring an out-of-state contractor because they donated to his dark money group? It’s exactly the kind of shady behavior we’ve come to expect from the Governor’s mansion. So if it’s not true, he should finally disclose his dark money donors to set the record straight.”

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber