July 27, 2018/Press Release

Josh Hawley’s Q2 Report Confirms: Trump Administration and Koch Brothers Pulling the Strings on His Campaign

COLUMBIA, Mo. — While Josh Hawley has repeatedly failed to meet fundraising expectations, his latest campaign finance report sheds light on the backers keeping him afloat. According to the FEC, Hawley’s campaign is being propped up by the Trump administration and his special interest donors such as the Koch Brothers. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Vice President Pence’s PAC, Great America Committee, contributed $10,000 to Hawley’s campaign. The PAC is run by former Governor Greitens’ allies Nick Ayers and Michael Adams — no wonder Hawley has refused to investigate either of them for their roles in the scandal regarding dark money group A New Missouri.
  • Hawley also received a whopping $27,000 from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ family — including $5,400 from Betsy DeVos’ husband. President Trump’s first choice to lead the Labor Department, Andrew Puzder, also gave Hawley $1,000. Puzder was forced to withdraw his nomination after domestic abuse allegations resurfaced. Of course, these donations are in addition to President Trump and Vice President Pence fundraising for Hawley’s campaign — no wonder Hawley refuses to criticize the President’s administration, even when its policies are directly harming Missourians and costing Missouri jobs.
  • Hawley’s favorite dark money mega-donors once again came to his rescue with $4,000 from the Koch Industries PAC and $5,400 from major Koch Brother Network Donor Ned Diefenthal. This comes on top of a recent million dollar ad buy from Americans for Prosperity attempting to weaken Hawley’s opponent — no wonder Hawley supports unlimited dark money.

“Follow the money and you’ll see who Josh Hawley really answers to: billionaires, special interests, and the DC elite. Whether it’s on tariffs, pre-existing conditions, or dark money, Hawley will always stand with his powerful backers over Missouri families.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren