February 2, 2019/Press Release

Josh Hawley Violates Sunshine Law While State’s Top Attorney

Kansas City, Mo. (February 1, 2019) – Earlier today the Kansas City Star reported that Josh Hawley failed to disclose email communication in response to a public records request while he was serving as Missouri’s Attorney General and preparing to run for U.S. Senate. After responding that his office did not possess responsive documents, the Star has reported that his office did possess responsive documents.


Missouri Democratic Party Executive Director, Lauren Gepford, released the following statement:


“It has become abundantly clear that Josh Hawley used his taxpayer-paid office as Attorney General to climb the ladder to the U.S. Senate, and apparently was willing to disregard the laws he swore to uphold in doing so. When the very person charged with enforcing our Sunshine Law can’t be trusted to follow it, Missourians’ trust in their government is undermined. Senator Hawley is no different from those career politicians he blasts on the campaign trail.”