July 12, 2018/Press Release

Does Josh Hawley Support Latest Republicans Efforts to Sabotage Missourians’ Access to Health Care?

COLUMBIA, Mo. — This week, DC Republicans continued their efforts to sabotage health care for hardworking Missourians by severely cutting funding for grassroots programs that help individuals find health care. The Washington Post reports that the Administration has also been encouraging individuals and businesses to purchase plans that, “cover fewer services and bypass rules intended to protect people from previous practices in which insurers charged higher prices to women, older people and those with preexisting medical conditions.”

Health insurance coverage for Missourians with pre-existing conditions is already at risk thanks to a lawsuit filed by Attorney General Josh Hawley, which would end protections for those individuals. With one of the highest rates of adults with pre-existing conditions in the country, ending these protections would impact nearly 2.5 million Missourians.

“Josh Hawley is already part of a lawsuit that would strip health care protections from Missourians with pre-existing conditions. In the wake of this latest development, Hawley needs to come clean with Missourians: does he support the administration’s attempt to further sabotage Missourians’ health care?”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren