February 8, 2018/Press Release

Where Does Josh Hawley Stand on the Bipartisan Budget Deal?

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Yesterday, Club for Growth announced that it opposes Senate leadership’s two-year bipartisan budget deal and urged all members of Congress to vote “no” on the agreement. Given that Club for Growth has endorsed Josh Hawley and raised millions of dollars specifically to support his Senate candidacy, Missourians deserve to know: Will Hawley fall in line with his dark money backers in opposing the agreement, or stand up for stable funding and do what’s right for Missourians by supporting it?

“Josh Hawley needs to tell Missourians whether he stands with the dark money special interests funding his campaign or a bipartisan group of legislators working to fund the government. By remaining silent, Hawley is continuing to raise serious doubts about who he would actually fight for if elected to the Senate.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren