February 14, 2018/Press Release

From Josh Hawley to His Billionaire Donors, With Love

COLUMBIA, Mo. — This Valentine’s Day, the Missouri Democratic Party got an exclusive look at the cards Josh Hawley sent to his special someone(s). Check out who made Hawley’s list:

Dear Koch Brothers,

We’ve shared some fun times together since I became Missouri Attorney General, like that private meeting in NYC right after I launched my Senate bid and the trip I took to visit you in Palm Springs last January. Even in the hard times, you’ve been there for me. My campaign has been struggling lately, but you had my back with a new $1.8 million attack ad against Claire McCaskill.
So glad I can always count on you – Happy Valentines Day!

❤, Josh

Dear Peter Thiel,

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You gave me over $300,000 and hate Google,
So I do too!


Dear David Humphreys,

Happy Valentine’s Day to my most loyal Missouri donor! Thank you for being such a devoted benefactor, no matter how high on the political ladder I want to climb. Ignoring the pay-to-play allegations against you is a price I’m glad to pay!

Love always,