February 12, 2018/Press Release

Does Josh Hawley Agree with Primary Opponent Austin Petersen that the Social Security Retirement Age Should be Raised?

COLUMBIA, Mo. — On Friday, Republican Senate candidate Austin Petersen said in an interview on The McGraw Show that he supports raising the retirement age for Social Security by 2-4 years. He added, “I mean, they never should have passed these programs in the first place.” As the Republican primary becomes increasingly competitive, will Josh Hawley say whether he agrees with his opponent on Social Security, or if he supports maintaining the current retirement age?

“For the thousands of Missourians who simply can’t continue working well into their sixties, preserving the Social Security retirement age is critical. Josh Hawley owes it to Missourians to be honest about whether he agrees with his primary opponent on raising the retirement age, or if he would do the right thing and fight to protect Social Security benefits for hard-working Missourians who have earned them.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren