January 5, 2018/Press Release

Jamie Allman on Trump/Bannon: Josh Hawley, You’ve Got An Issue Here

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Last night, conservative TV host Jamie Allman highlighted the problem Josh Hawley faces with the Trump/Bannon split, saying “Josh Hawley, you’ve got an issue here with Steve-a-reeno there.”

From The Allman Report: 

JAMIE ALLMAN: …If Steve Bannon thinks somehow he’s going to create his own separate movement or whatever, it’s not going to work for the guy. Listen, it looks like the guy is a decent strategist whatever, but the fact of the matter is he is not Donald Trump and nobody thinks he is, and nobody confuses him for President Trump and in fact, his throwing President Trump under the bus, lying about him, leaking, attacking President Trump and his family, isn’t even gonna work out for the people who Bannon has endorsed. So, Josh Hawley, you’ve got an issue here with Steve-a-reeno there.