October 17, 2017/Press Release

Jamie Allman & Austin Petersen: Hawley Has to Address His Broken Promises to Missourians

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Yesterday, Austin Petersen appeared on The Allman Report with conservative host Jamie Allman to discuss his candidacy for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate and Josh Hawley’s broken promises to Missourians.

Allman and Petersen also discussed McConnell and Danforth’s support of Hawley, noting that “he’s their guy in the race.”

And Allman noted that they have reached out to Hawley for an interview, but “he has done no media that I know of with the exception of the video that he’s let out.” As a reminder, Hawley made time to answer questions from the Koch Brothers in New York City on Friday.

From The Allman Report:

JAMIE ALLMAN: So, your reaction to the entrance of Josh Hawley to this race my friend.

AUSTIN PETERSEN: Well I always welcome competition, I believe in that. But I did read a poll that was dropped by Politico that showed that 72% of Missouri Republicans want somebody to challenge this guy, and I think a full half of the party didn’t even want him to run. What I’m hearing from Missouri voters is pretty clear, they voted for him to be A.G. and they want him to stay A. G. and you know he climbed, he’s climbing ladders like he said he wouldn’t do. Mitch McConnell came in and said that he would make him the golden boy and I think that he’s got a lot of people in his ear that are telling him the wrong things, people like Danforth, people like McConnell. I mean he’s their guy in the race and what really kind of irks me is that the taxpayers are on the hook for $116,000 a year for his salary, so we’re paying for him to climb this ladder. I think it’s an outrage and I think Missouri deserves better.

ALLMAN: I mean ultimately, it’s something that he’s going to have to address. I mean there are individuals that I talk to everyday who are concerned that, they really wanted him to be Attorney General because he was good at it in terms of his taking on Hobby Lobby, all those other cases, and they wanted him in there and then additionally that Danforth thing is really driving a lot of people nuts, because Danforth couldn’t be more petulant and gratuitous in his attacks on President Trump…

PETERSEN: …He’s got the NRSC and Mitch McConnell in his pocket, but here’s the thing. I mean the Republicans for the last seven years campaigned on promising that when they got to power they would overturn Obamacare. Then all of a sudden once they got into power they either forgot how to do it or they really, they broke their promises. So, I don’t think Missouri wants to send another lawyer to Washington DC who has already broken their promises…


ALLMAN: Well and there are people like Jack Danforth who think actually the Republican party belongs to them, but as we saw in 2016 it doesn’t. It belongs to the people.

PETERSEN: Yeah well you know my dad has been a Missouri resident his entire life and as soon as Danforth wrote that piece and I brought up the name Danforth he hissed and made the sign of the devil because the grassroots conservatives are not big fans of the people who are pushing Hawley into this race…The establishment has got their fingerprints all over this guy…

ALLMAN: Well I’ll tell you if this seat’s going to be taken away from Senator McCaskill it’s got to be somebody with energy, somebody with passion, and somebody who is out there every day. We have reached out to Josh Hawley for an interview on this program and eventually, I guess we’ll talk to him. He has done no media that I know of with the exception of the video that he’s let out. So, we’ll see how it goes and we’ll try to drill down into the campaign at some point.