July 2, 2018/Press Release

ICYMI: U.S. Chamber of Commerce: “Trade works for Missouri. Tariffs don’t.”

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Today, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a new analysis highlighting the impact of President Trump’s tariffs on Missouri’s economy. According to the report, over 800,000 Missouri jobs and nearly $900 million in total state exports are being threatened by the Trump administration’s new tariffs. The U.S. Chamber writes that because of these tariffs, “retaliatory tariffs imposed by other countries on U.S. exports will make American-made goods more expensive, resulting in lost sales and ultimately lost jobs here at home.”

In recent weeks, these numbers have taken on urgent meaning as the trade war’s first layoffs hit Missouri. In Southeast Missouri, one of the region’s largest employers has already been forced to lay off dozens of employees and could be out of business as early as Labor Day thanks to President Trump’s 25% tariff on steel imports. Mid Continent Nail Corporation is the last major U.S. nail manufacturer and its closure would leave 500 workers without a job.

Both Senators McCaskill and Blunt have repeatedly spoken out against President Trump’s reckless trade war. McCaskill has consistently advocated for Mid Continent Nail Corporation and last week visited the company to speak with employees about the impact of Trump’s tariffs on local jobs. Meanwhile, Josh Hawley continues to support the President’s tariffs.

“There is no question that this reckless trade war is bad for Missouri’s economy. What is unclear is how Josh Hawley can justify continuing to put his blind loyalty to President Trump ahead of Missourians who have already seen their livelihoods disappear because of the President’s tariffs — and the hundreds of thousands more who are in imminent danger.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren