May 15, 2018/Press Release

ICYMI: POLITICO: GOP golden boy mails it in

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Today, POLITICO reported that Missouri Republicans are frustrated by Josh Hawley’s refusal to campaign for Senate. According to POLITICO interviews with over two dozen senior Republican strategists, donors, lawmakers and local officials depict Hawley, “as a lackadaisical candidate who has posted sluggish fundraising numbers, turned down interviews with conservative radio show hosts, and spurned traditional GOP events considered a rite of passage for a potential U.S. senator.”

Here’s what Missouri Republicans had to say about Josh Hawley:

Republican Congresswoman Ann Wagner: “I try not to tell candidates how to run their races. I don’t know where some of the other candidates are. Perhaps they have conflicts. But you gotta show up to win.”

Conservative radio show host Mark Reardon: “I am personally baffled and disappointed that the guy I’ve had on my show numerous times over the last four years and have been supportive of has been MIA. I’m pissed. I’m frustrated.”

Ken Hurley, Christian County GOP secretary: “I’m very disappointed. Decisions have consequences, and him deciding not to attend the Christian County Lincoln Day Dinner tells me he doesn’t care about Christian County… A lot of Republicans were Josh Hawley supporters months ago. I have heard from many people and they are not supporting him. They feel he is blowing them off and that he’s not interested in southwest Missouri.”

Mark Anthony Jones, Jackson County Republican chairman: “It’s as if he doesn’t feel like he needs to go out and campaign and that he’s the heir apparent. I’m for anybody but Hawley. I don’t like the arrogance.”

Trish Mitchell, Franklin County GOP chair: “I’m keeping up with where’s he’s been going and he’s pretty much not going to any of them. Someone running for public office that is supposed to be working for the people is supposed to be among the people.”

Read the full Politico story here.