August 17, 2017/Press Release

ICYMI – MO Republican Party Praises Trump’s Refusal to Condemn Neo-Nazis

COLUMBIA, Mo. – As Republican officeholders in Missouri are declining to criticize President Trump by name for his comments refusing to condemn neo-Nazis, the Missouri Republican Party came under fire for taking a tone deaf step in the other direction by actually praising Trump’s press conference, saying “way to go.”

MDP Chair Stephen Webber added that the need for Missouri’s Republican officeholders in DC and Jefferson City to speak out specifically against Donald Trump’s comments refusing to side against neo-Nazi’s still stands:

“Just because the leader of the Republican Party is too weak to condemn neo-Nazi terrorism on American soil doesn’t mean our Republican officeholders in Missouri should give him a pass.”

Here’s what reports are saying about the Missouri Republican Party’s comments praising Donald Trump’s press conference where he refused to condemn neo-Nazis:

  • “Missouri GOP takes heat for praising Trump’s ‘both sides’ press conference.” – St. Louis Post Dispatch
  • “Across the nation, Republicans are scrambling to distance themselves from President Donald Trump after yesterday’s disastrous press conference, in which he equated Nazis with those protesting them. At minimum, many GOP office-holders resorted to a sort of queasy silence. But not the Missouri Republican Party. It didn’t just link to coverage of Trump’s press coverage on Twitter — it praised him.” – Riverfront Times
  • “Missouri GOP criticized after praising Trump’s ‘both sides’ comment.” – The Hill