May 14, 2018/Press Release

ICYMI: Mark Reardon: Hawley is “Sort of M.I.A. Right Now”

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Last week on the Mark Reardon Show, Reardon questioned where Josh Hawley has been recently. Reardon noted that Hawley is “sort of M.I.A. right now” and that he is “going to have to start campaigning at a certain point more publicly.”

Meanwhile, reporting from the Riverfront Times shows that Hawley has been avoiding his job and campaign by hiding out at the gym during the workday.

From the Mark Reardon Show:

MARK REARDON: Let’s get to Josh Hawley here because, I’m sure the Hawley folks will find this interesting. They seemingly get mad at me a lot right now, which I don’t understand because I can be an ally to Josh, he’s been a guest for years on this show. He is the official constitutional law expert of the Mark Reardon Show. But Politico called me this week because they knew that I had a chat with Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, a week ago in Louisville and the Senate majority leader wanted to know about that race as you might imagine.


MARK REARDON: But [Hawley’s] sort of M.I.A. right now, at least from the public…


MARK REARDON: I’m talking about if [Hawley] – First of all, he’s going to have to start campaigning at a certain point more publicly, right?