February 9, 2018/Press Release

ICYMI: Jamie Allman to Austin Petersen: “You’re the Front-Runner Here”

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Yesterday on The Allman Report, conservative TV host Jamie Allman told Republican Senate candidate Austin Petersen that “I would basically say you’re the front-runner here.” Allman’s comments come as prominent Republicans have begun to question whether Josh Hawley has what it takes to win the race for Senate.

From the Allman Report:

ALLMAN: The fundraising is very, very interesting because, one, Austin Petersen is having a grand time fundraising… Let’s talk about individual contributions, and passion, and the power of the grassroots between Austin Petersen and his people – and how that is absolutely motivating a ton of people out there in Missouri. So, I don’t know whether you expected to be in this position right now, Austin Petersen, but you are, and I would basically say you’re the front-runner here.