October 26, 2018/Press Release

ICYMI: Health Insurance Premiums Could Be 16% Lower if Not for GOP Sabotage

COLUMBIA, Mo. — According to new analysis from the non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation, the Administration’s decision to repeal the individual mandate and push Americans to purchase junk health insurance plans will cause premiums to be as much as 16% higher than they would have been otherwise next year.

Josh Hawley has stood by his party’s attempts to sabotage health care for the people of Missouri, going even further by filing a lawsuit that would end protections for nearly 2.5 million Missourians with pre-existing conditions. Politifact found that Hawley’s lawsuit would also take away important prescription drug coverage for seniors through Medicare, remove protections for Missourians who are on their parents’ health insurance plans, and end all of the other consumer protections under the ACA.

“Josh Hawley has used his position as Attorney General to try to end protections for nearly 2.5 million Missourians with pre-existing conditions, and he would be a consistent vote to sabotage your health care in the Senate. Instead of doing the right thing for Missouri working families, Hawley has shown that he is just another stamp on the partisan agenda of his special interest backers.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren