August 31, 2018/Press Release

ICYMI: Hawley Opposes Proposal to Increase Minimum Wage

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Yesterday, Josh Hawley told St. Louis Public Radio that he opposes a ballot proposal to raise the minimum wage for Missouri workers in November, saying he does not think it was a good idea and calling it “out of the mainstream.”

This is just the latest slap in the face to Missouri workers from Hawley. He has repeatedly been on the wrong side of measures that would help workers, including supporting harmful Right-to-Work-for-Less legislation that was opposed by nearly half of the Republican primary electorate.

“You either stand with workers or you stand in the way. At every opportunity, Josh Hawley has shown that his loyalty lies with big corporations and special interests, not Missouri workers.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren

Key Points from St. Louis Public Radio:

  • “McCaskill celebrated how Missouri residents overwhelmingly repealed right to work — which would have barred unions and employers from requiring workers to pay dues. She also emphasized her support for a ballot initiative to gradually raise Missouri’s minimum wage to $12-an-hour by 2023.”
  • “‘So this is not a shock to the system of small-business owners,’ McCaskill said. ‘But it is a shot in the arm for all the people that work at minimum wage. And make no mistake about it. This isn’t just a few people. I think people like to gloss over this and say ‘Well, nobody works at minimum wage.’ We have over 100,000 parents in Missouri working for minimum wage.'”
  • “’So now we have both minimum wage and right to work for less — Josh Hawley is on the wrong side of the table,’ she added. ‘He is not fighting for the workers. He’s fighting for the folks in the boardroom.’”
  • “After Hawley’s campaign stop in south St. Louis County, he said…’I’m not sure the [wage increase] that’s on the ballot this fall is a good idea…It’s a little out of the mainstream, in terms of the types of wage increases you might see…’” 
  • “Thus far, there’s no organized opposition to the proposal.”