October 31, 2018/Press Release

ICYMI: Hawley Fails to Name a Single Missouri Issue He Cares About

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COLUMBIA, Mo. — Josh Hawley proved once again that he doesn’t have the best interests of Missourians at heart. When asked on Fox News today, Hawley couldn’t name a single Missouri-specific issue he’s focused on. Instead of speaking to any of the wide variety of issues that Missourians care about [protip: their top issue is health care], Hawley reverted back to partisan talking points.

“This is exactly why Josh Hawley does not belong in the United States Senate — it’s clear he’s running to represent his DC donors and allies, not the people of Missouri.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren

From Fox News:

HOST: Are there state specific issues that you’re focused on as well?

JOSH HAWLEY: I think the big issue here is what happened in Washington D.C. and Senator Claire McCaskill’s 12 year record in Washington.