June 5, 2018/Press Release

ICYMI: Hawley Fails to Do His Job — Again

COLUMBIA, Mo. — This weekend, former assistant attorney general Elad Gross requested records from former Governor Greitens’ dark money non-profit, A New Missouri. Gross lambasted Attorney General Josh Hawley for refusing to “help bring transparency to Missouri” and noted that “unlike Attorney General Josh Hawley, Missourians do not have wide power to investigate nonprofit organizations, like A New Missouri, Inc.”

Last week, another former assistant attorney general, Elliott Usher, also urged Hawley to investigate Greitens’ dark money group. Usher noted that Hawley owes it to Missourians to “increase the transparency of our election system.”

Hawley has a history of using dark money non-profit groups for his own personal gain. During his campaign for attorney general, the Stoddard County Prosecuting Attorney filed an ethics complaint against Hawley for setting up two dark money non-profits — Missouri Forward Foundation and the Missouri Liberty Project — to be nothing more than “political committees that don’t have to disclose their donors” with the purpose of benefitting his campaign. And throughout his Senate campaign, Hawley has proudly touted the endorsement of several SuperPACs.

“Yet again, Josh Hawley is failing to do his job and leaving it to a private citizen to seek answers for Missourians. Hawley’s actions — or lack thereof — say it all: he will always put himself and his donors first.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren