August 13, 2018/Press Release

ICYMI: After Being Exposed as Out of Step with Voters, Hawley Refuses to Answer Policy Questions Entirely

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Last week, Josh Hawley was exposed as disastrously out of step with Missouri voters when Right-to-Work-for Less, which Hawley strongly supported, was rejected by nearly half of Republican primary voters. Now, Hawley is refusing to tell Missourians where he stands on key issues like minimum wage, Clean Missouri and critical funding for our crumbling infrastructure — all issues that appear on the November ballot.

When the St. Louis Post-Dispatch asked Senator McCaskill and Josh Hawley for their positions on several upcoming ballot initiatives, here’s what each had to say:

On CLEAN Missouri, a legislative and ethics reform initiative that includes a ban on lobbyist gifts:

MCCASKILL: “I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about CLEAN Missouri.”

HAWLEY: *campaign wouldn’t respond for comment*

On raising the minimum wage:

MCCASKILL: “I certainly think an increase in minimum wage is appropriate.”

HAWLEY: *nothing*

On securing additional funding for infrastructure improvements: 

MCCASKILL: “I think it is time that we make additional investments in our infrastructure and I join our Republican governor and our Republican lieutenant governor in supporting the gas tax.”

HAWLEY: *silence*

“It is inexcusable that, after a year of running for Senate, Josh Hawley is still refusing to say where he stands on key issues. There’s only one candidate in this race who is taking Missourians’ concerns seriously and speaking out about the issues that matter to them — and it’s not Josh Hawley. If Hawley is more concerned with dreaming up political stunts than actually running a substantive campaign about the issues, how can Missourians possibly trust him to get things done for them in the Senate?”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren