March 9, 2018/Press Release

Humphreys Pay-to-Play Bill Reappears — Will Hawley Stand With Missourians or His Biggest Donor?

COLUMBIA, Mo. — This week, the Kansas City Star reported that the Missouri House is considering a bill that would weaken the state’s consumer protection laws by making it harder to file class action lawsuits — a bill that was at the center of pay-to-play allegations with David Humphreys when it was introduced in the Senate last session. Josh Hawley, who has touted his jurisdiction over consumer protection laws in multiple other cases, ignored bipartisan calls to investigate the pay-to-play allegations last session and has yet to take a position on the current bill.

“Josh Hawley has promised time and again to protect consumers, yet when it comes to a bill that would gut Missouri’s consumer protection law but benefit his largest donor, he’s silent. It’s clear that Hawley is the worst type of politician: one who puts the interests of his high-dollar donors before the people of Missouri.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren