October 11, 2017/Press Release

Here’s What Missouri Conservatives are Saying About Josh Hawley’s Run for Senate

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Here’s some of the reaction in conservative Missouri circles on Josh Hawley’s announcement that he will run for U.S. Senate.

Jamie Allman, Conservative Talk Show Host:

ALLMAN: You’ve got to address this Danforth thing, because he, I don’t know who Josh is listening to or what, this is an albatross around his neck that he has to address…I think he can take a cue from Austin Petersen, who came out of the blocks, the guy’s been everywhere…you gotta be out there, you gotta be, don’t nibble around the edges, because you’re not going to win nibbling around the edges, you’re not going to win by trying to please St. Jack.

KAY: I’m not voting for Josh Hawley.

ALLMAN: Well, you’re not alone.

KAY: I can’t stand John Danforth, never liked John Danforth, and [Hawley] just won an election and now he’s going to give that up so he can run for Senate. I think it’s a shame.


KATIE: I read Breitbart and I saw that video on Breitbart News and I’m looking at the comments section and I’m thinking a lot of people are thinking what I’m thinking. Where’s the money trail? Where’s the money coming from? Because I see him associated with Never Trumpers so he needs to explain this and he needs to explain this early on how John Danforth and other Never Trumpers are helping him.


REARDON: If John Danforth represents the establishment and he’s one of the biggest cheerleaders for Josh Hawley, and Roy Blunt, let’s say Roy Blunt gets behind him and other members of the party, how do you distinguish between who is establishment and who isn’t.

MAGA Coalition, the SuperPAC dedicated to supporting America First candidates whose chief strategist is former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka, also weighed in on Hawley’s announcement: