November 29, 2017/Press Release

HAWLEY WATCH: Hawley to Appear with Trump After Receiving Danforth’s Blessing

COLUMBIA, Mo. — In August, Josh Hawley was widely criticized by membersof his own party for siding with his mentor Jack Danforth over President Trump and being the only statewide Republican to skip the President’s visit to Missouri. But today, after receiving Danforth’s blessing, Hawley is scheduled to appear with the President — no doubt in an attempt to clean up the mess he made back in August.

The Kansas City Star reported on Monday that Danforth “approves of Hawley’s decision to attend the event Wednesday.”

“Josh Hawley has made clear that he will do whatever his establishment backers and billionaire donors ask of him, even skipping President Trump’s visit to Missouri in August after Danforth denounced the President. I’m sure Republicans are grateful to Jack Danforth for giving Hawley permission to attend today’s event, but I bet they’d be even more grateful to have a Senate candidate who doesn’t do the bidding of his establishment backers and billionaire donors.”

Missouri Democratic Party Communications Director Meira Bernstein