November 16, 2017/Press Release

Hawley Skips Out on Missouri to Take Closed Door Meetings in DC…Again

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Yesterday, Josh Hawley was caught once again taking closed door meetings in DC instead of doing the job the people of Missouri elected him to do.

As a reminder, Hawley visited D.C. in July to meet behind closed doors with special interest groups about his Senate run, months before coming clean with Missourians — and while Hawley continues to return to DC to campaign, he has yet to hold a single public campaign event in Missouri.

“The people of Missouri elected Josh Hawley to be Attorney General, not to travel to DC during the work week to take closed door meetings with the special interests funding his Senate campaign. Hawley is clearly the worst type of politician, one who skips out on his day job to climb the political ladder.”

Missouri Democratic Party Communications Director Meira Bernstein