June 20, 2017/Press Release

Hawley: Governor Whose Dark Money Nonprofit is Fueling Calls for Investigation is ‘Leading by Example’ on Ethics

As Governor Eric Greitens continues to face criticism for the non-stop ethical questions swirling over the Governor’s mansion, Attorney General Josh Hawley is rebuffing bipartisan criticism —and is instead rushing to defend Eric Greitens, telling the Kansas City Star that Missouri’s Governor is “leading by example” on ethics.

Hawley’s glowing remarks of how Greitens has handled ethics come as the Governor, who ran on cleaning up Jefferson City, is facing a bipartisan group of lawmakers who are calling for an investigation into how his campaign obtained a donor list that’s already been the subject of an ethics violation from the Missouri Ethics Commission. Greitens has also been criticized for failing on his promise to deliver ethics reform, opening up a dark money group that’s been the focus of seemingly endless controversy, and refusing to disclose details of donations for his inauguration, among other unethical behavior.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Josh Hawley has been ignoring allegations of pay-to-play and corruption in Jefferson City – despite his campaign promises to open up a “Public Corruption Unit” that would end corruption. Like other members of the Republican establishment in Jefferson City, Josh Hawley has also received millions of dollars in campaign donations from GOP megadonor David Humphreys.

“Eric Greitens and Josh Hawley are proving that they’re just run-of-the-mill politicians only looking out for themselves as they continue running hand-in-hand away from their campaign promises to clean up Jefferson City. Greitens has been a complete and total let down for Missourians with his non-stop unethical behavior and growing allegations of corruption – and it should worry all of us that Josh Hawley thinks that’s more deserving of praise than of investigation.”

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber