January 26, 2019/Press Release

Missouri Democrats call upon leaders in Washington DC to end the shutdown games

KANSAS CITY, MO Missouri Democrats today announced members dismay at the recent government shutdown. Lauren Gepford, Executive Director of the Missouri Democratic Party, said that leaders in Washington DC must to work together to address our nation’s challenges without using hard working federal employees as bargaining chips.

“The partial shutdown not only cost our economy unrecoverable billions, it took a real toll of families of federal workers and contractors, of which there are thousands in Missouri,” said Gepford. “Senators Hawley and Blunt, in their unwavering support of the President, allowed these Missouri families to be used a leverage in a political fight and that’s just wrong.”

With the prospect of another partial federal government shutdown later this month looming on the horizon, Missouri Democrats are asking Missouri’s congressional delegation to keep the federal government open while they negotiate a long-term plan for comprehensive border security.

“It’s a false choice to say that we can only pay federal workers if Congress approves billions for a wall,” said Gepford. “We can debate the merits of border security plans without taking the financial security of working people hostage.”