June 16, 2017/Press Release

Following Trump’s Remarks, New Report Shows That ‘Mean’ GOP Health Bill Will Spike Costs by Over $15,000 for Some Older Missourians

As President Donald Trump dismisses the U.S. House-passed health care overhaul, calling it “mean,” a new analysis is detailing exactly how the legislation – which all of Missouri’s Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives voted for – will spike costs in the state, hitting older Missourians especially hard.

According to the Center for American Progress, a 64-year-old Missourian with an income of $26,500 will see their premium costs spike by over $15,000 in 2026. The analysis also details that the GOP’s health care bill will have an immediate negative impact across the state, raising annual premiums in Missouri by an average increase of $1,150 in 2018. The report continues to note the legislation’s growing unpopularity, highlighting that “AARP, among other consumer groups, has criticized the AHCA’s wider age band as an age tax that would make it harder for near-elderly people to afford health care.”

Additionally, recent polling indicates that the GOP’s House-passed health care bill is incredibly unpopular, finding that only 8% of Americans believe the U.S. Senate should pass the legislation.

“As new reports are revealing exactly how the U.S. House-passed GOP health bill will spike costs for Missourians, the conversation in Missouri is becoming increasingly clear. On one side there’s Missouri’s Republicans who voted for the GOP’s incredibly unpopular health care overhaul, and on the other is everyone else – now including President Trump.”

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber