November 3, 2018/Press Release

Final Week of Hawley — DAY 3: Missourians Can’t Wait to Reject Josh Hawley Because He is the Darling of Dark Money and Special Interests

COLUMBIA, Mo. — With just four days to go, Missourians are ready to take a step towards cleaning up dark money in politics by rejecting Josh Hawley — a Citizens United-endorsed candidate who supports unlimited anonymous donations in politics. Hawley’s record couldn’t present a stronger contrast with Senator Claire McCaskill, who strongly opposes dark money and has called Citizens United one of the worst decisions in Supreme Court history.

“Missourians know that the floods of dark money infiltrating our politics are corrosive and they are eager to clean it up. The contrast on dark money in this race couldn’t be clearer — and Missouri voters know that Josh Hawley will always side with the dark money and special interest backers propping up his campaign.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren

Here’s a look at Josh Hawley’s longtime support for allowing anonymous, dark money to flood our elections:

  • Before announcing his run for Senate to Missourians, Hawley consulted with dark money and special interest groups in Washington D.C. Since then, these outside groups have spent over $45 million to prop up Hawley’s campaign.
  • Dark money groups alone are responsible for over $20 million spent on Hawley’s behalf throughout this campaign.
  • Meanwhile, Hawley’s campaign is currently facing an FEC complaintover allegations that they engaged in an elaborate scheme to conceal illegal coordination with the NRA’s PAC.
  • And Hawley himself faced an ethics complaint for using his own dark money groups as nothing more than “political committees that don’t have to disclose their donors.”