November 6, 2018/Press Release

Final Week of Hawley — DAY 1: Missourians Can’t Wait to Reject Josh Hawley and His Dirty Campaign of Falsehoods

COLUMBIA, Mo. — For months, Josh Hawley has run a divisive campaign based on dirty and false attacks. That’s why Missourians couldn’t be more ready to get out tomorrow and vote for the only candidate in this race who has given them a positive reason to vote for her: Senator Claire McCaskill.

“Josh Hawley has run one of the dirtiest campaigns in recent Missouri history. Again and again, he chose to double down on a string of debunked lies and ridiculous attacks, and showed Missourians that he is a rabid partisan who will do and say anything to advance his own political ambition. Meanwhile, Claire has repeatedly demonstrated why Missourians want her in the Senate: she is smart, hardworking, and willing to compromise with anyone to deliver real results for this state.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren

Here’s a look at how Josh Hawley has repeatedly been called out for his dirty campaign of falsehoods:

  • In July, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board wrote that “Missourians searching for a GOP Senate candidate of substance aren’t finding it in Hawley.”
  • The same editorial board said that Hawley “is running his campaign from the gutter and is employing a shameful array of misleading tactics to make Missourians believe he’s someone he clearly is not.”
  • The Kansas City Star editorial board writes that Hawley’s “negative, personal attacks divert energy and attention from what could have been a fascinating, serious-minded, issue-oriented race.”
  • The Star’s editorial board also noted that, “Hawley has proved to be a disappointment in ways that are that go beyond even the ‘politics as usual’ he used to rail against.”
  • The Washington Missourian called Hawley out for his dirty campaign, saying “[Claire] doesn’t deserve the smears and disrespect she has received from the Hawley camp.”