May 16, 2018/Press Release

ON THIS DAY: Hawley Scolds Past Missouri Attorneys General for Using the Office for Political Gain

COLUMBIA, Mo. — During his 2016 campaign for Attorney General, Josh Hawley railed against previous Missouri Attorneys General, saying, “There needs to be a shift in priorities at the Attorney General’s office… we’ve had Attorneys General who have used the office for their own political advancement.” But just 16 months after taking office, Hawley has embodied the very behavior he campaigned against.

Instead of keeping his word to Missourians, Hawley has been busy using his office as a springboard for higher office and to protect his political allies:

  • After Governor Greitens contributed $50,000 to Hawley’s Attorney General campaign, Hawley cleared the Governor of any wrongdoing through a sham investigation into Greitens’ use of text message-deleting app Confide. Hawley did not attempt to retrieve any of the text messages in question, relied heavily on staff testimony, and did not attempt to interview the Governor or challenge the Governor’s assertion of executive privilege. Hawley still has not returned the $50,000 in contributions he received from the Governor.
  • Hawley, who has jurisdiction over state law regarding charities, repeatedly turned a blind eye to the Governor’s use of a charity donor list for over a year, deciding to investigate only when the Governor became too politically toxic, and giving the St. Louis Circuit Attorney less than four days to file charges.
  • Hawley ignored calls to investigate allegations of sexual blackmail against Governor Greitens, relying on the Missouri Legislature to look into it instead.
  • Hawley ignored bipartisan calls to investigate GOP mega-donor David Humphreys for an alleged pay-to-play scandal. Humphreys gave Hawley nearly 75% of his individual donations for his Attorney General’s campaign.
  • And less than a year into his term as Attorney General, Hawley announced his decision to run for U.S. Senate.

“Josh Hawley campaigned on a promise not use the Attorney General’s office for his own political advancement, but it turns out that was just a lot of hot air. Hawley is simply the worst kind of politician — one who will always put political expediency before the people of Missouri.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren