June 14, 2018/Press Release

ON THIS DAY: Hawley Releases Ladders Ad; Pledges Not to be “Another Ladder Climbing Politician”

Two years ago today, Josh Hawley released an adhighlighting one of the central campaign promises in his bid for Attorney General: he would not be “another ladder climbing politician.” Now, just two years later, Hawley has broken that promise and is deep into his campaign for U.S. Senate. As St. Louis Public Radio noted when Hawley announced his Senate bid less than a year into his job as Attorney General, “Hawley’s decision is something of an about-face for someone who criticized ‘career politicians’ who ‘climbed up the ladder.’”

Throughout his campaign for Attorney General, Hawley slammed career politicians, arguing that Jefferson City is “a mess” because its leaders are “more interested in their careers and political advancement” than cleaning it up. Upon taking office, however, Hawley has proven that he is no different. While Hawley promised end the pay-to-play culture of Jefferson City, he has turned a blind eye to allegations of pay-to-play against his biggest donor and repeatedly ignored calls to investigate alleged corruption.

“Josh Hawley’s tenure as Attorney General has been nothing but a series of broken promises. His decision to seek a promotion less than a year into his current job just shows that Hawley is the worst kind of politician — one who is more focused on his own ambitions than doing the job Missourians elected him to do.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren