September 13, 2017/Press Release

August by the Numbers: Claire v. Josh

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Since Josh Hawley launched his Senate exploratory committee on August 2, he hasn’t been doing much exploring. Between voting in Boone County and skipping the President’s event in Missouri, Hawley only attended one public event and has refused to comment on his number one backer for Senate Jack Danforth’s criticism of President Trump.

Meanwhile, Claire McCaskill has been working hard to cut through Washington gridlock and get results for Missourians. She successfully passed into law the Arla Harrell Act, which is the culmination of two years of hard work to deliver decades-overdue relief to veterans intentionally exposed to mustard gas during World War II. And during August recess, Claire crisscrossed Missouri — from Branson to Sikeston, Bowling Green to Harrisonville, and Warrensburg to Cameron — holding 29 public events and answerings questions from any Missourian to better understand their concerns, so she can better represent them in Washington.

Take a look at the Senate race in August, by the numbers*:

Public Events:

Claire: 29, including 25 town halls, the Missouri State Fair, and a roundtable with Senator Roberts (R-KS) about agriculture security.

Josh: 1, the Missouri State Fair

Missouri interviews and press conferences:

Claire: 32, including media availabilities after every town hall

Josh: 3, one radio call-in, MO State Fair conversations, and an interview with the Kansas City Star regarding his failure to create a Public Corruption Unit


Claire: Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters

Josh: Jack Danforth? Oh wait, we’re not supposed to talk about that…

Statements on the President’s comments on Charlottesville:

Claire: 1

Josh: 0

The Senate race, by the press coverage:


Aug 2: AP: McCaskill Plan to Help Vets Exposed to Mustard Gas Passes

Aug 3: St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Congress passes legislation making it easier for World War II vets exposed to mustard gas to prove cases

Aug 3: Kansas City Star: Congress passes bill to give veterans exposed to mustard gas another shot at benefits

Aug 3: KZRG: McCaskill Mustard Gas Legislation Passes Senate

Aug 4: Joplin Globe: McCaskill-sponsored bill to get WW2 vet benefits passes Senate

Aug 8: Missourinet: Missouri U.S. Senator wins another Backpage battle, but war continues

Aug 8: Missourinet: McCaskill’s crackdown on prescription drug price gouging heads to President

Aug 9: AP: McCaskill plans another round of rural Missouri town halls

Aug 10: Daily Star Journal: Unlike others, McCaskill not shy at town halls

Aug 11: Farmington Daily Journal: McCaskill holds to middle ground at town hall

Aug 14: Daily Star Journal: “U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, who has hosted more public town halls throughout Missouri in her time as senator that the rest of Missouri’s congressional delegation combined, will hold a public town hall…”

Aug 15: KMZU: Senator Claire McCaskill to hold town halls in KMZU listening area Wednesday

Aug 16: Joplin Globe: Trump signs McCaskill-backed bill for WWII vet benefits

Aug 17: Kansas City Star: McCaskill at town hall: ‘My job isn’t to fight the President’

Aug 18: Daily Star Journal: Public questions McCaskill

Aug 18: AP: Roberts, McCaskill Discuss Protecting Nation’s Food Supply

Aug 19: The Monett Times: McCaskill to hold one-hour town hall meeting in Monett

Aug 23: KDKD: McCaskill discusses Ag Security at KC Roundtable

Aug 23: Joplin Globe: McCaskill stresses bipartisan work

Aug 23: St Louis Public Radio: McCaskill takes her town hall tour to once-blue, now-red northeast Missouri

Aug 25: Monett Times: McCaskill wades into hot topics at town hall meeting

Aug 25: Branson News: McCaskill visits Branson: Town hall visit brings focus on national, local issues

Aug 29: Lake News Online: Town Hall Q&A: Sen. McCaskill on EPA, gun rights, federal budget


Aug 3: Kansas City Star: “the complaint filed Wednesday alleges that Hawley improperly used his state campaign committee’s spending…[to] help his prospective bid for U.S. Senate without filing as a federal candidate.”

Aug 4: The Joplin Globe/Susan Redden: “Josh Hawley appears to be ready to follow the path of those career-ladder climbing politicians he criticized during his campaign for Missouri Attorney General.”

Aug 15: Jefferson City News Tribune: Attorney general voted in Boone County in Aug. 8 special election

Aug 15: AP: Hawley’s vote in Boone County raises questions on residency

Aug 16: Springfield News-Leader: Cast as ‘establishment’ pick, Josh Hawley still faces competition for GOP Senate nomination

Aug 18: KOMU: Josh Hawley’s vote in the special election is under investigation

Aug 18: KMIZ: Boone County Clerk investigating attorney general’s vote

Aug 18: St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Editorial: “Testing limits of democracy and the law”

Aug 18: The Missourian: Boone County clerk investigating AG Josh Hawley’s residence after vote in special election.

Aug 18: Jefferson City News-Tribune: Boone County clerk asked to investigate Hawley vote

Aug 20: Jefferson City News-Tribune: Our Opinion: AG should follow letter — and spirit — of the law

Aug 23: Call Newspapers: Haefner Eyes U.S. Senate Seat

Aug 24: KMOX: Attorney General Josh Hawley Under Investigation

Aug 26: St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Hawley’s state office and campaign representatives didn’t respond to multiple requests Friday seeking reaction to Danforth’s condemnation of the president.”

Aug 27: NYT’s Jonathan Martin: Danforth Op-Ed Puts Republicans Like Hawley “in a tough spot”

Aug 28: Jamie Allman on Allman in the Morning: “some miracle would have to happen for me to support Josh Hawley with his support of John Danforth”

Aug 28: Jamie Allman on The Allman Report: “no politician in the Republican circles with any brains in the state of Missouri…is going to separate himself from [Trump]”

Aug 28: The Missouri Times: “Will [Hawley] distance himself from the President as Danforth has called on his party to do, or will he embrace the President that won the Show-Me State by a 19-point margin in the last election?”

Aug 29: Kansas City Star: Missouri conservatives call for Hawley to condemn Danforth’s criticism of Trump

Aug 30: Kansas City Star: “his relationship with former Republican U.S. Sen. Jack Danforth [is] causing Hawley headaches with some conservatives”

Aug 30: Missourinet: GOP Party Drama Slows Missouri AG’s Momentum at Run for U.S. Senate

Aug 31: Kansas City Star: Is Josh Hawley living up to his signature campaign pledge to fight public corruption?

Aug 31: Jamie Allman on Allman in the Morning: “there is a question as to whether Josh Hawley is [on board with President Trump]”

*Numbers are compiled based on social media and public reporting.