June 4, 2019/Media

Self-proclaimed “old school” Governor Mike Parson proclaims state employee Appreciation Week, still won’t celebrate Pride Month in state where state employees can be fired for being gay.

Kansas City, MO. (June 4) – Un-elected Governor Mike Parson took a brief break from restricting access to women’s reproductive health services in order to proclaim the month of June as Missouri Team Member Appreciation Week.

The month of June is recognized around the world as Pride Month, in recognition of the influence LGBT people and to mark the anniversary of Stonewall. As Governors around the nation issue proclamations and messages recognizing Pride Month, Parson has remained silent.

Perhaps that is because as Parson explained in 2017, “I’m old school, I know how I believe. I know what’s going to happen to these people.”

The Missouri Non-Discrimination Act, or MONA, has been filed in the Missouri legislature for each session for decades. Yet, it remains un-enacted. In the just completed legislative session in Jefferson City, it languished for another year. Missourians can still be fired from a job or denied housing because they are gay or transgender.

Missouri’s Governor certainly wasn’t providing leadership on this issue. Afterall, as he explained:  “I don’t believe that’s a way of life that I believe in.”

“Formally recognizing Pride Month in Missouri is a bare minimum expectation for Governor Parson. If he can’t even bring himself to do that, there is little chance he will show leadership on finally passing MONA,” said Missouri Democratic Party Executive Director, Lauren Gepford. “Governor Parson’s views are troubling, but his actions speak louder than his words. His extremist approach to issues involving women’s health and the LGBT community tells us exactly who he is, and that’s someone who can’t take Missouri into an inclusive and modern future. Missouri needs a Governor prepared to lead in the twenty-first century.”