May 24, 2017/Media

RELEASE: Independent Analysis from the Official Congressional Scorekeeper: Trumpcare Will Slam Missouri’s Working Families

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The following is a statement from Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber on the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) score of the House-passed Trumpcare bill that all of Missouri’s Republicans in the House of Representatives already voted for:

“Today’s independent report confirms what Missouri’s Republicans have been hiding from: Trumpcare is a betrayal of our working families that will spike costs for older Missourians and gut protections for individuals who’ve been sick before. But then again, Missouri’s Republicans in Congress knew weeks ago this would hurt our working families but shamelessly threw themselves a party when they voted for it anyway.”

MDP Chair Stephen Webber


  • The CBO report says that under Trumpcare less healthy Americans, including individuals with pre-existing health conditions, could face “extremely high premiums,” according to NPR.
  • The CBO report also makes clear that under Trumpcare older Americans “could face much higher premiums under the House bill,” according to the New York Times.