October 18, 2018/Media

Play Along During Tonight’s Debate: Chutes and Ladders, Josh Hawley Edition

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Josh Hawley is betting that he can get through tonight’s debate on recycled falsehoods about Senator Claire McCaskill’s family, deflections about his own record, and empty promises about what he would do in the Senate. To help hold him accountable, we’ve built a special Josh Hawley edition of Chutes and Ladders. Cut out your very own Josh Hawley game pieces to play along.

Here’s how to play as you watch tonight’s debate:

Slide down a chute if Hawley…

  • …lies about his effort to end protections for nearly 2.5 million Missourians with pre-existing conditions.
  • …fails to answer for decision to climb the political ladder, breaking his signature AG campaign promise to Missourians.
  • …tries to claim he would be an advocate for Missouri workers, even though he supported Right to Work and opposes raising the minimum wage.

Climb up a ladder if Hawley…

  • …tries to mislead Missourians about the fact that he is not doing his current job — and his failure to clean up corruption in Jefferson City.
  • …attempts to deflect from his support of unlimited dark money in politics as a Citzens United-endorsed candidate.

“Throughout his entire campaign, Josh Hawley has shown a complete disregard for the facts or what’s best for Missouri — simply doing and saying whatever he believes to be most politically convenient. Hawley has repeatedly tried to mislead Missourians on everything from his efforts to end protections for pre-existing conditions to his opponent’s record, and there’s no doubt he’ll try to do the same on stage tonight. Play along to see exactly why Missourians just can’t trust Hawley to be honest with them.”

Missouri Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brooke Goren