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May 18, 2017 / Press Release

ICYMI – STL Post-Dispatch Ed Board Calls Out GOP Hypocrisy on Classified Intel, Hawley’s Head Still Buried in the Sand

In case you missed it, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board this week pointed out the hypocrisy of Missouri’s Republican officeholders who spoke out loudly about the handling of classified intelligence last year, but are burying their heads in the sand now that President Trump has revealed highly secret intelligence to Russian foreign officials. Trump has also reportedly tried to interfere with an FBI investigation.

May 16, 2017 / Press Release

Here’s What Missouri’s GOP Thought About Classified Intel Then – Where Are They Now?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As reports are making clear that President Donald Trump revealed highly classified information to a Russian foreign minister and ambassador, endangering a critical intelligence source aiding America’s fight against the Islamic State, the Missouri Democratic Party is highlighting what Missouri’s Republican officeholders said about the handling of classified intelligence just last year.

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